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Learn How to Buy US iTunes Gift Card From Canada

In this PDF Report you will follow 14 steps that shows you how to:

  • Set Up Account
  • Pick Your iTunes Gift Card
  • Purchase iTunes Card
  • Learn Where Your US iTunes Code Will Come To


This PDF Report takes you by the hand and walks you through each step in plain English. You will be good to go after step 14 is completed.

Happy viewing US content on your Apple TV


What People Are Saying:

Thanks, Steve! I am so grateful for the video. I was supposed to copy, paste and move an address to complete a survey I was taking and didn't know what a "browser" was, shocking I know! lol Now I watched the video and I can do it! I love your calm voice and being able to make the instructions simple and interesting! Great job, God bless!

Karen Serra

I am the creator of this product and I got to say that it was on my mind how can I watch US content in Canada so with my research I learned how to do just that. So that is how this PDF Report was created and it works every time, once you are all set up properly. If you are wanting to buy, rent, US content through iTunes then this what you are looking for. Cheers...

Stephen Hickey