4- Part Mini Gmail Course

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

Hello and welcome to GIT, Get Into Technology

We want to let you know about a course that we created to help you use your iPhone, iPad more efficiently. Learn how to do different things through video tutorials. We have put together a 4-Part Mini Gmail Course.

If you ever wondered how to add a photo to an email on your iPhone or on your iPad then you are in for a real treat. This course contains 4 videos that take you by the hand and walk you through each lesson with ease.

All you have to do is sit back in your favorite chair with your favorite drink and you can watch each lesson, learning something new. This course was designed with you in mind. Ever find your iPhone has too many emails in your inbox that you cannot personally delete all them, one by one. Because it would be too time-consuming.

Apple IOS had that feature that you could delete all emails at once, in your inbox and with every new IOS update that they bring out every fall, they take away features to give way to new ones. Get Access Now!! http://giftrk.co/gmail/ 

Well In this course there is a video that shows you how to Delete All Emails in your inbox. This gives you an unfair advantage as there are not a lot of people that know about this. Stephen Hickey takes by the hand and shows you.

Do you know how great this is?? We at GIT, are always looking for ways to improve the owner's experience. So we are committed to helping people like you solve your small to big problems around your technology. If you have one of the following then you are all set to go, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro & Air computers.

This will allow you to learn Faster, Better, Easier, in turn, will make your experience with your Apple device that much more enjoyable. We all Love our technology and it can be frustrating at times. If you are not sure how to do something.

How about if all your problems or obstacles where removed which in turn allows you to enjoy your iPhone, iPad, a whole lot more. Well, we have a solution for you. In this course, we have put together 4 different lessons.

It's Free to sign up to watch these video tutorial lessons which is in a private members area that you can watch at your own pace, and as many times as you like. This course has been put together with you in mind.

It all came together from many different factors and one is, a friend of Stephen's asked him how to Add a Gmail Account to his iPhone. Which that turned in to a Signature Course teaching you every aspect of the IOS Email Platform. 

So we took one or two videos from the full course and added them to our 4-Part Mini Gmail Course on IOS iPhone, iPad. It turns out to be super successful. There is worldwide exposure of this course an people are really enjoying it.

If you are just hearing about this now you are in for a real treat and we are excited that you are here to experience what others have and continue to enjoy. 

This course has reached so many places around the world as it was released to the public. It has traction in Oregon, San Francisco, San Carlos, San Jose, Baton Rough, New York, Toronto, Campbellford, Montreal, Dublin, London, Germany, Moscow, Chicago just to name a few and it continues to expand.

We are very happy that our course has this much traction and it's been well received. There is a big need out there to help people that aren't being fulfilled so that is why we put GIT, Get Into Technology together to help as many people like you out, to better understand and get the most out of their device.

It keeps it fresh and fun in learning new things about your devices. So in this 4-Part Mini Gmail Course, we have put together for you. You are going to learn the following lessons.

  • Add Photo to Email
  • Navigate Inside Gmail
  • Create New Folder
  • Trash All Emails On iPhone & iPad

We have put some great thought into this course with you in mind so allows you to learn with ease. You can get access to this course by clicking the link that we have here for you. Go there Now!!! http://giftrk.co/gmail/  

This will take you to a page that will explain the 4-Part Mini Gmail Course and how you can sign up to get access to private member's area. You can sign up on the top or on the bottom of the page to gain access. 

 Bottom of the Page!

As you can see from the two screenshots there is the top and bottom sing up areas to Gain Access to this 4-Part Mini Gmail Course On IOS. Go there now to get a better understanding with watching the video and you will get a preview of this 4-Part Mini Gmail Course On IOS!!

 If you have read this far it shows you need a little more of a push. So why don't you just click the link and that will take you to the web page where you can get Free Access to this 4-Part Mini Gmail Course.

I can tell you that you will love the learning platform that we have put together for you to learn. It's exciting to see how this is. Once you are in the private member's area you will see how everything is laid out for you.

I can tell you this course will not stay free forever. So you will want to get access now so you can get connected with GIT, Get Into Technology.

Thanks for view this page and we will see you inside the private member's area.