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GIT, is here to help you create a solution to your problem you are having with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Computer...

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These Video tutorials take you by the hand. Video make it easy to learn about your iPhone, iPad, and or Mac computer. Get a solution to your problem with easy to follow videos.

We create videos that solve your problems

You will also learn things about your device that will give you an unfair advantage.

GIT, Makes it easy

We create video tutorials that take you by the hand so you can learn Faster, Better, Easier which in turn makes your Life easier.

We Offer Many Products & Services

Do you have something in mind you need help with?? GIT, Creates video tutorials, video intro, video outro, lower 3rds, 2D-3D video animations, voice over, background video and audio, and so much more...

GIT, can help you

We can help solve a problem to help you create something awesome for your business. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you.

Learn new tips, tricks to make your Life easier.

We are excited to share with you new and up coming courses, tips that will help you learn Faster, Better, easier and in turn you will love learning and this will keep you focused on learning new things that will all you understand your technology better,

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can learn on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer depending on what you have. These videos are optimized for your viewing pleasure on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Yes, you get access to your product that you have purchased for Life. So you can learn at your own pace and rewatch as many times as you like.

This depends on the course itself. Some courses have many videos where others have not so many.

Yes, you can inside the member's area you can ask questions in the Comment Section of your video lesson or you can send an email.

Check GIT YouTube Channel

You can learn more by visiting GIT!

GIT Creates Videos On Many Technical Things

To simplify your experience. Enjoy learning something new.

"Thanks to GIT, they helped me add Gmail account to my iPhone and made it easy for me to follow along with video. I highly recommend. Thanks."

Earl Proctor
Pool Store Manager

"I am happy that Stephen was able to helped me with making my iPhone more secure. I find his step-by-step video tutorials are really easy to follow. I recommend 4-Part Mini Gmail Course. I like that I can watch on my iPhone and computer. Thanks,"

April Sali

"Thanks, Steve! I am so grateful for the video. I was supposed to copy, paste and move an address to complete a survey I was taking and didn't know what a "browser" was, shocking I know! lol Now I watched the video and I can do it! I love your calm voice and being able to make the instructions simple and interesting! Great job, God bless."

Karen Serra

"Stephen Hickey, has helped me numerous times with changing passwords and how to change settings in my iPhone to have a better experience and get the most out of my iPhone. I highly recommend GIT, and Learn How To Add Gmail Account To iPhone, iPad IOS Course."

Robin Mossing

GIT Blog Posts

Here you will find new information that can further your education by learning new key things that will help you move forward. Stay engaged!!

What You Will Learn

Welcome to GIT, GetIntoTechnology.com. We are so happy that you have landed here at GIT. We understand that technology can be very frustrating at times and that people like you have different questions on your mind that need to be answered. Here at GIT, we take you by the hand and show you Step-By-Step how to solve your most pressing questions by video tutorials.

Learning through Step-By-Step Video Tutorials with GIT’s platform just make sense. The information in the videos is in plain English and easy to follow along as the video is playing.

We take you by the hand and show actually how to tweak your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer to get the most out of your device that you are wanting to learn more about, Our slogan is “Learn How To Use Your Technology."

Video takes away the guess work by allowing you to fully grasp the information that is being expressed. Video is a real fun way to learn something new and you will learn it faster, better, with the least amount of human effort.

We have a lot of great content, information, videos, audios and PDF reports that you can learn from. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We look forward in serving your needs, while building a great relationship with one another. If you signed up to get more information then you will be sent valuable content to your email that you provided to GIT.

Thanks Again !! ~ Stephen Hickey CEO, and Founder of GIT - Get Into Technology!


P.S. We create courses and videos around all social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. We love to hear your feedback on what you want to see. Maybe we will create a course around that topic.